Indian Flag on Special Offer.

Date: 11-03-16

We have Indian flag on special offer. This comes in 600 gauge patio packs in colours ranging from Raj, Grey, Black, etc.  Please ring our office on 0161 941 6666 for a competitive price. For more information on our excavator and plant hire in Cheshire get in touch by phone or email and one of our team will be happy to help you.

2 New Bomag Compactor Plates.

Date: 10-03-16

Here at Ashley Plant Hire we have recently taken delivery of two new Bomag Compactor Plates. One at 12" and the other at 18" and both are ready & available to hire. For more information please call us on 0161 941 6666 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2 New Diggers added to our fleet!

Date: 04-03-16

We recently added 2 new diggers to our fleet here at Ashley Plant Hire Cheshire.  The first is a 3 tonne Doosan zero and the second a 6 tonne Doosan DX62R. For more information on all of our plant and excavator hire visit us at our site in Ashley, Cheshire or call us on 0161 941 6666.

New Plant added to our fleet

Date: 08-02-16

We have recently updated our fleet for 2016 which include a 6T Doosan excavator, AD120 Terex Roller and a 3T and 6T Swivel Terex Dumper.  Please see our Plant Hire page for further information and specifications.

Operated jobs at an all time high

Date: 05-02-16

The demand for our Cheshire plant hire machines and drivers is larger than ever. Our team have been on operated jobs with plant machines ranging from 1.5T to 13T all week and booked out for next week around Cheshire and Manchester. 

New additions to the fleet

Date: 03-02-15

We are pleased to announce 3 new excavators to add to our plant hire fleet. We have a brand new Kubota Mini-digger and 2 brand new Kubota 1.5T diggers. We will update all the new details on our Plant Hire page soon. For further information on all our machines and plant hire contact our office on 0161 941 6666 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The snow is gone...

Date: 02-02-15

...but it is still freezing so watch the roads! However the show, as ever, must go on and we have more machines going out on hire to North Manchester and Cheshire. A couple of 1.5T diggers together with Hi-tip dumpers and a 3T digger are on the plant wagons being delivered by our experienced team.




Plant For Sale

Date: 31-01-15

We have many new machines and attachments for sale including a Caterpillar 301.6C, JCB Micra and 1.5T, and many buckets for all different types of machines. Our Plant For Sale page will be updated shortly but for any further information please contact Lizzie on 0161 941 6666 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The snow is here...

Date: 30-01-15

...but we are still hiring out the type of plant hire Cheshire residents expect! Despite the weather, our team is braving the road and delivering diggers across Manchester and Cheshre.

Another busy start to the week

Date: 27-01-15

Our diggers and dumpers are flying out of our yard at a rate of knots this week. Plant hire is happening all around the region of Manchester and Cheshire. For any further information on all our plant and small tool hire then contact our plant manager Lizzie on 0161 941 6666.


CAT roller cat digger doosnan digger mini dumper

Machines on hire

Date: 22-01-15

We have another few diggers and dumpers out on hire today. Two 1.5 Tonne mini-diggers and 1T Hi-tip dumpers are going to sites in Cheshire whilst our 8 Tonne excavator is heading to a job in the Manchester region.



Topsoil is the flavour of the month

Date: 21-01-15

There has been another big order of 100 Tonne of our recycled topsoil going out to a site in Cheshire. We have also had an order in for 20 Tonne of our 25mm recycled hardcore going to Manchester to be used as a sub-base for a driveway job.



New addition to the Fleet!

Date: 20-01-15

We have added a brand new JCB 155 Skid steer to our fleet. This is available for hire with attachments (forks, bucket & brush). For further information on new additions to our plant hire and any other digger or dumper then visit our "Plant Hire Cheshire" page or call us on 0161-941-6666.


Skidsteer For Sale

Date: 19-01-15

We are pleased to inform you that we are selling one of our Caterpillar Skidsteer machines. This comes complete with the bucket. For further information please visit our "Plant For Sale" page or call us on 0161-941-6666.


Plant For Sale

Date: 14-01-15

Remember to visit our Plant for Sale page on our website for all the updates on the latest plant and attachments we have for you to buy.

Operated Jobs

Date: 13-01-15

It's only the second week into the New Year and all of our fully qualified CPCS digger drivers are on operated jobs around Cheshire and Manchester. These jobs range from demolition and digging out driveways to digging foundations for a new extension and work on a site where new drains are due to be installed. For the expert plant hire Cheshire residents have come to expect, call us on 0161 941 6666.

Plant Wagon

Date: 12-01-15

We have numerous uses for our Plant Wagon. This morning it was used to deliver a Micra, 1 Tonne and 3 Tonne digger together with 1 Tonne and 3 Tonne dumpers. In the afternoon our team travelled up to a site in Manchester to collect Reclaimed floorboards to be sold from our yard in Ashley, Altrincham.

First Saturday back

Date: 10-01-15

It's a New Year and we are back open on Saturday morning. Our team are servicing our diggers, dumpers and other plant in preparation for hire on Monday. Remember we are open 8am - 12:30pm on Saturdays so call in to our yard or for any further information regarding our plant then call us on 0161 941 6666.

A vehicle for any situation

Date: 09-01-15

All of our vehicles are out on the road today. Our 7.5Tonne wagon is busy delivering aggregate and stone flag to jobs around Manchester, our Plant wagon is delivering a 1.5T excavator and 1T Hi-tip dumper to a site in Altrincham then collecting reclaimed materials from Greater Manchester. In addition our Grab wagon is out and about at various jobs around Wilmslow, Didsbury, Manchester and Knutsford and our tractor and trailer is also on deliveries with 40 Tonne of Topsoil going to a new site in Chester.



Recycling Topsoil...A productive circle

Date: 08-01-15

The spoil removed from a number of sites in Cheshire and Manchester is loaded into our trommel to begin the recycling system. Once in there the trommel will separate the hardcore from the topsoil to produce a fine 20mm-to-dust topsoil suitable for all your gardening, building and landscaping requirements.


Another busy day

Date: 07-01-15

Whilst our Plant Wagon is delivering a number of 1.5T excavators over various locations in Cheshire and Manchester, our Grab Wagon is currently being loaded up with a full load of 10mm Goldcoast decorative aggregate to deliver to a site in Chester for a new driveway.



New Year, same old story

Date: 06-01-15

The majority of our plant fleet is already out on hire across the Cheshire and Greater Manchester region. We have a few more mini excavators and dumpers being delivered by our plant wagon driver this morning, as seen below. However if you wish for any further information on all our plant hire then please contact us.



New Year, New Jobs!

Date: 05-01-15

From everyone at Ashley Plant Hire we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2015. We are back open for business and with many diggers, dumpers and small plant hire already booked out and being delivered on our plant wagons. For any information regarding digger hire, grab wagon, small tool hire and aggregates required then please contact Lizzie in our office on 0161 941 6666.

Operated jobs before Christmas

Date: 19-12-14

Whilst many are off on their Christmas parties our team are still working on operated dig-outs around Cheshire and Manchester. For instance we have two of our men working on 3 Tonne excavators digging out the footings for a new extension whilst our grab wagon driver removes all the spoil away from these sites.



The Christmas holidays

Date: 16-12-14

Please note that our yard is closed for Christmas as of 12 o'clock midday on Monday 22nd December 2014 and we reopen again for business on Monday 5th January 2015.

Work leading up to Christmas

Date: 13-12-14

Machine hire remains at a high as our operators and diggers are booked out on hire at various locations around Cheshire and Manchester in the last week before the festive period.

Small tool hire

Date: 11-12-14

Just sent another compactor plate out on hire. For all small tool hire such as water pumps, compactor plates and cement mixers then visit our page "Small Tool Hire" or alternatively contact Lizzie in our office for further information.

Recycling is the flavour of the month

Date: 09-12-14

We are experiencing a vast amount of calls and orders for our recycled products. Our Grab Wagon is currently flat out with removing spoil off various building sites around Cheshire and Manchester and returning it to our recycling plant. Once there he will load up with a full wagon load of topsoil or recycled aggregate (produced from our trommel) and deliver these to various sites around the region. For further information on our recycling plant please visit our "Recycled Materials" page.


Machine Monday madness

Date: 08-12-14

Our plant wagon drivers are busy on the road again delivering plenty of plant hire machinery around Sale, Prestbury, Macclesfield, Altrincham, Knutsford, Manchester and Northwich. We pride ourselves on delivery the quality plant hire Cheshire residents expect.



Recycled aggregate

Date: 06-12-14

Our driver is today on the tractor and trailer delivering 80 tonne of our recycled aggregate to a farm in Cheshire.



New Plant for sale

Date: 05-12-14

We have already had many enquiries regarding our machines for sale so please keep checking our "Plant For Sale" page to see the latest diggers available for purchase. We have today put our JCB Micro digger on the page which is handy for all small garden and landscaping jobs.

Machines and Operators out on hire

Date: 04-12-14

In the build up to Christmas we have our fully qualified CPCS digger drivers on operated jobs around Cheshire and Manchester. So to avoid the rush call us now and book a machine and operator in order to complete your job before the New Year.

New Machinery out on hire

Date: 03-12-14

Our brand new 12.5m JCB telescopic handler is already in high demand by building site managers and contractors around Cheshire and Manchester and it has today gone out on hire on a new build site in the region. For any information this and the rest of our fleet please contact Lizzie in our office on 0161-941-6666.

Out with the old, in with the New...Year

Date: 02-12-14

We are already in preparations for updating our fleet for 2015 so please keep on visiting our "Plant For Sale" page for all the latest diggers, equipment and attachments that we have for sale.

Diggers all around the region

Date: 01-12-14

The advent calenders are now out and our Plant wagon is busy delivering diggers to all areas including Warrington, Crewe, Manchester, Hale and Altrincham. These machines out on hire today include a Micro, 1 Tonne, 3 Tonne and 6 Tonne diggers.



Plant for sale

Date: 29-11-14

As we are regularly updating and improving our plant hire fleet we have many machines, attachments and specialist equipment for you to purchase. Please visit our new page "Plant For Sale" to view all the latest diggers and plant equipment for sale.

All hired out

Date: 28-11-14

Our plant hire is flat out in the lead up to Christmas however if there is any machines you require which we do not currently have in stock then please contact us and we will be happy to source any specialised equipment or machine your job needs.

On the road again

Date: 26-11-14

Another early start for our Grab and Plant wagon drivers as more diggers are hired out on jobs around Cheshire and Manchester. Today there is a 1 tonne dumper, two 3 tonne and a 13 tonne digger are being delivered to sites around the region.



Dumpers for hire

Date: 25-11-14

Whilst the majority of our diggers are out on hire, we still have 0.75 tonne, 1 tonne and 3 tonne dumpers available for hire.



New week, same old story

Date: 24-11-14

Even more plant has been sent out on hire around Cheshire and Manchester today. These include two Micra, one 1.5 tonne, two 3 tonne and one 6 tonne digger.




Preparation is the key to success

Date: 22-11-14

Saturday's give our mechanics the opportunity to fully service all our plant machinery in preparation to hire out the next working week. Today they are working on Micra, 1 tonne, 3 tonne and 6 tonne diggers, all of which are out on hire around Cheshire and Manchester on Monday.


Another busy Friday!

Date: 21-11-14

Our Grab wagon driver is already out on the road removing spoil from building sites around Cheshire and Manchester. Whilst our Plant wagon driver is busy delivering and collecting various diggers, dumpers and rollers.



We're more than just digger hire

Date: 20-11-14

In addition to more diggers out on hire, we have today sent our Caterpillar Skidsteer Loader out on hire in Manchester. This has been sent out with the bucket but is also available to hire with the forks to use for any of your building requirements. Call us for the quality plant hire Cheshire customers expect.


More Diggers out on hire

Date: 19-11-14

Two more diggers have gone out on hire today in the Cheshire and Manchester region.



Digger on hire

Date: 18-11-14

Just sent this 6 Tonne digger out to an area in Cheshire. This is an operated job with the aim of clearing out and levelling a garden in order to make room for an extension.

The website is now live!

Date: 18-11-14

Our new mobile website is live. Please check back for more updates.

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